Don’t panic: Twitter is down

Update: It's up and running again, back to those screens we go!

Update: Everything appears to be up and running again, for the time being at least. Just when you thought you were going to be extra-productive today too...

Whether you use it for the latest smartphone leaks, or prefer instead to get the full lowdown on what nail varnish the bounciest Kardashian creature is using, there’s a fairly high chance that you’re one of the millions of people addicted to Twitter.

If you are, then there’s an even higher chance that you fired up Twitter, (or one of its many related apps) this morning to find that you couldn’t log in, post tweets, or send direct messages.

Problems first sparked up at around 08:20 GMT, with error messages warning users that a the network was both suffering from over capacity, as well as an internal error. Twitter confirmed the outage at 09:00, and it still appears to be down at the time of writing. 

An insanely popular site the size of Twitter going down is rare, but it does happen. Facebook went down in August and June last year, and reddit goes down for short periods of time rather often, probably thanks to the strain caused by an incessant torrent of cat photos.

There’s no word on when the service will be up and running again, but we imagine that there are a lot of people rushing around and tapping away frantically on keyboards somewhere at the moment, so it hopefully won’t be too much longer to go now. Stay strong.

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