Destiny beta launching later this month, full game collector’s editions include expansion pass

PlayStation owners get a few additional days of beta access, but at least Xbox owners get a shot

Destiny is shaping up to be one of the biggest games of the year, and following last month’s limited alpha test on PlayStation 4, Bungie will soon open up the floodgates to PlayStation and Xbox platforms alike with a beta testing period.

Bungie—the famed Halo creator—and publisher Activision announced today that the previously confirmed beta test will launch first on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 come 17 July. It will be live for a few days until a planned maintenance period brings downtime from 21-22 July.

When the beta comes back online on 23 July, Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners will also be able to check it out until the testing period ceases for everyone on 28 July. You can catch a glimpse of some of what to expect from the cooperative sci-fi shooter’s pre-release beta in the new trailer below.

Sadly, this won’t be a fully public beta test—it seems that pre-ordering the game is the easiest and most direct way to gain beta access, though it’s also likely that many codes will be given away via promotions and the like once it kicks up later next week.

For those who do want to pre-order, Activision has unveiled some fresh options there, as well. The Ghost Edition and Limited Edition packages both include a SteelBook case, a folio with a book and other materials, exclusive in-game content, and a pass that allows access to the first two post-release expansion packs, The Dark Below and House of Wolves.

Destiny Ghost Edition

Additionally, the Ghost Edition features a replica of the Ghost robot from the game, complete with voice acting from Peter Dinklage, plus some other exclusive printed materials. The Ghost Edition will sell for US$149.99 (about £88), while the Limited Edition is priced at US$99.99 (~£58).

For those who can do without the physical bonus goodies, a Digital Guardian Edition with the game, expansion pass, and bonus content will sell for US$89.99 (~£53). And all are due out on 9 September—along with the standard edition, of course.

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