Cyber Tuesday 2018 deals

Cyber Monday might be over, but Cyber Tuesday has arrived to save the day. The deals aren't stopping yet!

What's better than Cyber Monday? How about Cyber Tuesday! You heard us right. The deals aren't stopping just because Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been and gone. This is capitalism in full swing, baby, and it means more daily discounts, deals, and price-drops than you could possibly imagine. Here are all the latest and greatest offers from our corporate overlords.


The Ionic is Fitbit's best all-around tracker, with extra features like GPS tracking and swim-proofing helping the premium fitness band stand out from the crowd. In fact, the only real complaint we had about the Ionic when we reviewed it last December was its near £300 price tag.

Thankfully, Cyber Tuesday (yep, we're gonna make the name stick) has done away with that, and now you can grab the Ionic for just £200, which makes it something of a steal if you're a health nut looking for a fitness-focused smartwatch that's gonna help take your workout the the next level.

Was £279.99 | Now £199.00 (-29%)

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Why not give yourself the gift of tremendous tech-driven dental hygiene this Christmas? Look, we admit that sentence sounded more excited in our heads, but you can't put a price on your health, and that means looking after your snazzy smile along with everything else.

The Philips Sonicare will help you do just that, with the smart electric brush promising to remove up to 7x more plaque than a manual toothbrush. It also comes with some other nifty features, such as a pressure sensor that'll tell you when you're brushing too hard and a battery that can store two week's worth of juice. Be honest, you've never been this impressed by a toothbrush.

Was £179.99 | Now £49.99 (-72%)

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With Amazon now declaring its best-selling Echo Dot out of stock until 2019, it's up to big brother the Echo to spread the Alexa love this Christmas. We dig the new design, the smarts get better every week, and the sound quality is more than adequate enough for your morning 6 Music power hour. 

Was £89.99 | Now £54.99 (-39%)

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We weren't totally sold on PS VR at the beginning, and a few years later it's no less of a pain to set up.  What Sony's first crack at a headset has now, though, is some seriously good games. Arcade title of the moment Tetris Effect is even better in virtual reality, Moss is one of the most charming experiences of the year, and Astro Bot Rescue Mission, included in this bundle, is the best of the lot.

A charming platformer that at time reaches Nintendo levels of quality, if this is a sign of things to come, gamers should be very excited indeed.  And considering you get PlayStation VR Worlds thrown in too, we'd say that if you've been on the fence about PS VR, now is the time to get off it and jump in. 

Was £259.99 | Now £169.99

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Join the Dark Side and become Supreme Leader of a galaxy far, far away with the Lego First Order Star Destroyer. Featuring a carry handle, armour panel detailing, 8 side-firing stud shooters, and a powerful rear engine, this ain't no hunk of junk. It's one of the most deadly ships in the First Order's blocky fleet, and now it can be all yours for 20 quid less. Just don't tell Kylo Ren you got it on the cheap. He's been known to throw a tantrum or two.

Was £129 | Now £109.99 (-15%)

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The Megablast is the Boom and Megaboom's older, smarter, better looking brother - and we mean that in the nicest way possible. Ultimate Ear's premium portable speaker packs Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth, and offers Alexa voice-control so you can blast music hands-free for up to twelve hours thanks to a powerful built-in battery.

The Blast also more than matches its younger siblings in terms of sound quality, with tweaked bass radiators and extra tweeters helping it crank up the noise on the fly. Indeed, if you're keen to take your tunes on the go, you'd struggle to find a better portable speaker than the Megablast at this price.

Was £269.99 | Now £129.99 (-52%)

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The Sonos Beam is one of our very favourite gadgets of the year. It's packed with features, sounds as good as you'd expect, and is compact enough to sit under any TV without drawing too much attention.  £399 was already a fair asking price, so if you've been eyeing up the Beam for a while, why not make the most of that £50 saving.

Was £399 | Now £349 (-13%)

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LG OLED55C8PLA 55" (SAVE £500)

There are still a lot of big and beautiful 4K TVs fighting for your cash as Cyber Tuesday enters its final hours.  If you're struggling to make your mind up, LG is a rock solid bet. Not so long ago this 55" 4K HDR OLED was £2999. Today you can pick it up for nearly half that, and the picture this thing can produce is no less impressive than it was back then. 

Was £1,999 | Now £1,499 (-25%)

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SONY WH-1000XM2 (SAVE £130)

A new flagship product will nearly always mean a pretty hefty price cut on its predecessor, and so it is with Sony's WH-1000XM2 wireless.  Granted, they're missing a few of the new WH-1000XM3's bells and whistles, but these are still outstanding noise-cancelling cans for the price. Sound quality is excellent, and you can reduce volume simply by raising your hand to the ear cup, meaning there's no need to remove the headphones to ensure you're part of the 3pm tea run. 

Was £329.99 | Now £199.99

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Back in March, we said the Samsung Galaxy S9 was the best Android phone in the world, and we weren't yanking your chain. More of a refinement than a revolution, the S9 fixed some of the S8's biggest flaws - like the awkwardly-placed fingerprint sensor - added more power, and streamlined Samsung's already excellent take on Android. It's dual aperture camera upgrade also brought a welcome low-light boost, even if it didn't quite make it the outright best phone for snapping pics with.

While those little tweaks didn't make it a particularly exciting upgrade for S8 owners, it did ensure the S9 cemented its place as the overall best handset for Android fans around the globe.

Was £739.00 | Now £599.00 (-19%)

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