CyanogenMod's black market Android app store is on the way

Hackers and tinkerers will soon be getting their very own special store by bypassing Google's offering altogether

The CyanogenMod team is famous for its tweaked Android ROMs, and handset tinkerers will be glad to hear that developer Koushik Dutta is planning to build a CyanogenMod Android app store stocked with all the apps and ROMS that have been banished from the official Android Market.

Banned apps include retro console emulators, tethering apps and visual voicemail solutions and the new app store hopes provide a one-stop shop for all of these digital delights and more.

The CyanogenMod store should also reduce the number of people purchasing root-only apps from the Android Market, only to discover that they don't have a rooted device in the first place.

Although there's no release date as of yet, we expect things to move rather quickly and with purpose – this is the same team who brought HP TouchPad owners a serving of Ice Cream Sandwich, after all.

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