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Colorware blasts your retinas with custom iPhone 5 colours

Black or white too bland for you? Why not mix things up a bit by pimping out your latest iThing with any colour you want. Just make sure it matches. Please

Colorware continues its tradition of beautifying (or uglifiying) devices by announcing that the iPhone 5 can now receive its special paint job treatment.

For US$1700, you can use your own black or white 64GB iPhone 5 as a blank canvas, with options to change the colour of the home button, SIM tray, rear backplate and the top and bottom rear glass segments.

We’ve whipped up two versions, a hideous sense-destroying mess which needs to be set on fire, and a sleek and simple red and white Stuff-inspired affair. We’ll let you guess which is which…

[via Uncrate]

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