CES 2015: HP’s Virtual Reality display lets you interact with 3D content using a pulsing, laser-pointing stylus

Company also reveals an array of 5K, 4K, and curved screens on the way
HP Zvr Virtual Reality display

Following in the footsteps of its 3D-scanning Sprout computer, HP has another curious standout PC experience on the horizon - this one offering a VR-like experience as you manipulate 3D objects.

HP's Zvr Virtual Reality Display, sold with or without paired computer hardware, lets you view stereoscopic 3D content using included glasses and fiddle with items that appear in front of you using the included laser-pointing stylus. The 23.6in display pumps out a 1080p image into each eye from the 1920x1080 screen.

The Zvr creates the VR sensation with four infrared cameras that correspond with five tracking markers on the glasses, letting you rotate and interact with the digital objects with ease. Additionally, the stylus has a motor that pulses as you manipulate objects, adding another dimension to the experience.

HP sees it being ideal for an educational setting, letting students learn in a more tactile manner, but also hopes it will find traction in professional fields like architecture and science. The Zvr is another unique PC experience that falls well outside the usual consumer target that HP is known for, and as of now, it’s unknown how much it will sell for when it becomes available this spring.

However, as The Verge points out, HP’s partner zSpace was showing off this same technology in 2013 (video above) in a slightly different format for US$4000. Hopefully HP has discovered how to make its version a bit more accessible in that respect, at least.

HP Z27q 5K display

In more traditional display news, HP also unveiled several new displays at CES, including its first 5K screen. The HP Z27q (seen above) offers 5120x2880 resolution on a 27in IPS screen, and will sell for US$1299 (about £850) come March. Meanwhile, HP has a pair of new 4K displays: the 27in Z27s, coming this month for US$749 (about £490), and the 23.8in Z24s, which launches worldwide in April for US$549 (about £360). Both run at 3840x2160.

And finally, HP is getting in on the trend of 21:9 curved displays, with its 34in Z34c and Envy 34c 3000r models, both of which offer 3440x1440 resolution and will launch in April for US$999 (about £655) each.

[Sources: HP, The Verge]

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