CES 2009 – Wowwee rolls out Spyball, the robot stalker

Stalkers and voyeurs, it's time to stifle a secret yelp of joy - Wowwee has announced a Wi-Fi enabled robo-spy called the Spyball at CES alongside som

The spherical spycam can be controlled from your laptop or phone over Wi-Fi, and ordered to take still photos or video via its pop-out webcam. With near-silent running and the ability to do 360 degree turns, your dog will never get away with stealing the fruit cake again.

Other new robots include the Roborover, a two-wheeled droid with a malleable personality, and the flying, UFO-like FlyTech Lightstar, which can apparently deliver four minute LED light shows from ten minutes of charging.

Away from robots, Wowwee will also be dipping its toe into the Pico projector pool with three new models. The Cinemin Stick (we see what you did there) is a standard Pico projector with up to 5GB of onboard memory, while the Cinemin Swivel is identical but rocks a 90 degree swivelling lens. There'll also be a Cinemin Station, which is an iPod dock with a projector built in.

Look out for some hands-on videos on soon, but in the meantime you can get more info at our CES 2009 live blog.