Canonical’s third Ubuntu handset can be yours for €300

Want your phone to stick out from the crowd? This’ll do it

If you want to one-up your smug BlackBerry-toting mate who’s constantly calling you an iSheep or brainless droid, then Canonical’s new handset will do the job.

The company’s third Ubuntu-powered smartphone will be available for European gadget hipsters to snap up form tomorrow, for €300.

Installed on a Meizu MX4, Canonical’s aim is to attract enthusiasts, which probably goes some way to explaining its odd sales strategy.

You’ll only be able to buy the handset from Meizu’s website, where you’ll be instructed to click on “an interactive origami wall” for more information on the handset, in addition to unearthing one of a finite number of daily invites - and we thought the OnePlus One was a pain to grab at launch.

The total number of invites hasn’t been revealed, but you can try as many times as you like if you’re out of luck on the first day.

Specs-wise, there’s nothing to get massively excited about. A 5.36in screen with an odd 1152x1920 resolution is paired with a 20.7MP camera, quad-core 1.7GHz processor and 16GB of (non-expandable) storage.

It’s a far cry from the Ubuntu Edge, the high-end concept smartphone which failed to meet its funding goal, despite raising US$12 million, but if you’re hankering to try something different, then you can’t stand out much more than this.

[via The Verge]