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Brace your eyes: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 reportedly has a 6in 4K display

Nope. That’s not a typo

Let this sink in for a moment – Samsung’s next phablet, the Note 5, could have a 4K screen.

That’s a ridiculous resolution of 2160 x 3840, and all of those pixels will reportedly be crammed into a 5.89in display, providing an absolutely insane count of 748 pixels per inch.

The news comes courtesy of Phone Arena’s anonymous tipster, who also tells the site that a dual-edge curved screen variant with a 5.78in 4K display (that’s 762ppi), is also in the works.

It sounds insane, but Samsung has already shown off the existence of its 4K mobile displays in a past roadmap presentation slide, so it definitely wouldn’t be the craziest thing that could happen in tech land this year.

While you could reasonably argue that that resolution is simply wasted on such a small screen, those extra pixels will be extremely welcome when the Note 5 is strapped to your face in the next-gen Gear VR headset.

If these rumours prove to be true, then this is excellent news for VR fans. The Oculus Rift uses Samsung’s own 1080p Note 3 screen, and while it serves up a very good VR experience, its pixels at that close range, are very apparent.

A 4K panel inside a VR headset is something that we should all be excited about, and the Note 4, which we expect to launch at IFA this September, is likely to be the first step into the most immersive virtual experiences we’ve ever seen.

Colour us excited.

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