Bowers and Wilkins brings Zeppelin Air app to the party

B&W wants you to share and listen to music like never before

Bowers and Wilkins, the brains behind the iconic Zeppelin Air and probably one of our favourite iPod docks ever, has just outed its Zeppelin Air app – a brilliant attempt to revolutionise our wireless listening habits and make it more of a social affair.

Until now, only one person could use Airplay at a time. This rather special new application lets multiple people jump on its AirPlay feed at the same time. So, no longer will you have to endure your friends single-handedly controlling the tunes, or have to suffer the tastes of your musically challenged pals. The app brings together music collections from multiple iOS devices, whether its via an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, allowing you to build a customised, collaborative playlist streamed to its Zeppelin Air speaker dock, as well as a range of other AirPlay-enabled music systems.

All participating playlist members will need to have downloaded the app in order to start zapping their tunes over, but the playlist itself is controlled by whoever gets the playlist going.

The best part? It's completely free.


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