Bioshock, one of the finest FPS games of all time, arrives on iPhone and iPad

Now you can blast your way around Rapture on your iOS device
Bioshock arrives on iPhone and iPad

Bioshock is without doubt one of the best-loved first-person shooters of all time, and now it’s available to play on your iOS device.

That’s right: 2K Games has managed to squeeze the entire underwater city of Rapture and all its demented denizens into a mobile game that, graphically, looks not too far off the 2007 Xbox 360 and PC original.

The game, which blends horror with philosophical musings on Objectivism and the very act of playing videogames, sees you exploring Rapture, a once-Utopian city that has since fallen to anarchy and terror. During your adventure you’ll biologically modify your body using plasmids, giving you special powers, and have the opportunity to either save or exploit the innocent Little Sisters.

You can buy Bioshock for £10.49 right now at the App Store. It’ll take up 1.65GB of space, and is compatible with iPhone models above the 4S, the fouth-generation iPad and above and the second-generation iPad Mini. It will not run on the iPod Touch.

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