Best gifts under £25 for Christmas 2012

Shopping for bargain basement prezzies this year? We’ve trawled the web for the best tech-related stocking-fillers around

Shopping for bargain basement pressies this year? We’ve trawled the web for the best tech-related stocking-fillers around.

Cardboard radio/speaker


The ultimate in eco-friendly music playback, this cardboard FM radio is fully recyclable, oozes minimalist cool and can be hooked up to almost any audio source thanks to its 3.5mm input. It runs off four AA batteries.

Gomite Tiltpod


The Tiltpod is a mini tripod for compact cameras and iPhones (two different versions are available, both cost the same) that puts most other “simple” tripods to shame. Featuring a grippy base and a strong magnetic mount, it lets you set up and adjust your camera on almost any surface.

Samurai umbrella


Turn your friend’s winter commute into a scene out of a Kurosawa movie with this katana-like rain-shield, which can be slung over your shoulder in awe-inspiringly cool fashion.

Aquabourne Kindle case


If there’s one area where traditional books trump the Kindle, it’s bathtime reading. With this waterproof case, you need never fret about the damp again – it'll work wiht the third-gen Kindle and 6-inch Kindle Touch, and makes your e-reader totally impervious to H2O.

Grippy Pad


Working on the same principle as a tree frog’s feet, this pad can be used to hold almost anything in place on both horizontal and vertical surfaces – it just needs to be kept slightly moist. It’s even strong enough to grip an iPad in place on a wall or cupboard door.

Desktop Henry vacuum cleaner


For the messy eater in your life, this downsized, battery-powered edition of the classic anthropomorphic vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning up crumbs and other remnants of “al desko” dining. Just remember you're basically calling the recipient of this gift a filth wizard.

Sensu Artist Brush and Stylus


The perfect gift for those with ambitions of being the next David Hockney, this stylus features a conductive brush as well as a rubber stylus tip for conventional doodling. Who knows, the recipient's work might end up hanging from the walls of the Tate.

Belkin micro USB car charger


Does anyone actually use in-car cigarette lighters to light up any more? Make that aperture useful again, by ensuring your loved one is never left without juice for their Kindle or smartphone.

Brush robot


Make cleaning “fun” for your mate – and gently hint that their abode could do with a dust – by giving him or her this robot kit – which, after assembly, will happily toddle around the place sweeping up.

Nite Ize Connect case and mount


If you’re shopping for an iPhone-using cyclist (of which there are many), consider this handy combination of a case and bike mount, compatible with almost any set of handlebars.

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