Berlin extra: Epson's all-in-one home cinema

Home cinema, breadmakers – they used to inhabit such different worlds. They still do, in fact, despite our assumption that they'd been converged in Epson's EMP-TWD1, an all-in-one system with a projector, speakers and DVD player

Our reports from the IFA show in Berlin have been clapped back onstage for an encore, so here's a look at Epson's EMP-TWD1, a monolithic, white cinema-in-a-box solution.

Comprising a 3LCD projector, integrated DVD player and 2 x 10W speaker system from JVC, the MovieMate looks good to challenge the few other similarly converged systems, such as Optoma's MovieTime DV10.

It's certainly a convenient one box solution; it can generate a 1.2m wide image from a distance of only 1.5m, and can also act as a surround hi-fi system if you're bored of your film archive. You can make it the hub of your home entertainment system, too, by hooking it up to a console, digibox or video recorder, although it won't do hi-def.

The EMP-TWD1 will be available this month for the reasonable sum €1299 (£885). For more info, check out