Be like Bond with this limited edition Lotus

Don't be like Bond and lure baddies to your parent's house, though

I was wondering who the next Bond would be.

Wonder no more - it's you, so long as you can rapidly come up with the cash for a Lotus Evora Sport 451. Give the Bank of England a call; it's been known to back a Bond or two in the past.

Whoa, there. I need to know what sweet Q-type extras it’s packing first.

It’s quite subtle, actually. The white colour, black details and namebadge font are all an homage to the sub-aqua Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me. The most obvious bit of Bondage for spotters is the louvred rear window cover. No anti-aircraft missiles, sadly. Though the Evora is itself a rocket: a 410hp supercharged V6 sending 420nM of torque to the rear wheels for a sub-4.0-sec 0-62 time. But you’ll need to be even faster to catch one.


What's the hurry?

They might all disappear. No, not like Brosnan's franchise-derailing invisible Aston. Lotus only make 150 Evoras a year, and they’ve already sold this special edition. If you can find a space in the order book, and if you can convince them to do the Bond tweaks for you, you’re going to be looking well north of the £85k price of the standard Evora. 

It might be a Dr.No from me, then. 

Well, there are other options. We’ve just had a look on eBay and you can get a slightly tatty Citroen 2CV (For Your Eyes Only) for £5000. More room for luggage too.