BBC iPlayer could go pay-per-view for archive programmes

Auntie Beeb mulling micropayments for shows beyond 7-day free window


Ever sat down in front of the BBC iPlayer to watch a show on catch-up, only to discover that the seven-day window has expired and the programme's nowhere to be seen? The BBC may be about to fix that.

The BBC's considering adding a pay-per-view element to the iPlayer, with viewers charged micropayments to access programmes more than seven days after broadcast, according to The Guardian.

It's a tricky proposition for Auntie Beeb – on the one hand, it runs the risk of being accused of charging twice for its programmes. 

On the other hand, it's no different in practice to charging for a DVD or an iTunes download, both of which the BBC already sell.

If the BBC decides to go ahead with the scheme, it won't go ahead until 2016 – so you have a few more years of remembering to set the PVR ahead of you.

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