Aurasma and Bandai give toy packaging an augmented reality check

Bandai's toy packaging will now come with a side serving of AR awesomeness

If you thought it was hard dragging your kid away from the toys section at your local Sainsbury's, prepare for it to get around 50 times worse – Aurasma's added its augmented reality magic to toy packaging from Bandai, letting you play with a toy without even taking it out of the box. Which, in some cases, could prove more exciting than the actual toy.

Currently limited to a selection of toys from Bandai's Thundercats and Ben 10 range, the toy will spring to life when a smartphone or tablet rocking Aurasma's augmented reality app is held up in front of the box. Specifically, a virtual animated to-scale 3D model of the toy will come out to play – allowing kids as well as parents to "examine every part of the toy before purchase."

Not only is it a nifty tool to avoid splashing the cash on something you thought was cool but which turns out to be as much fun as a brick on a string, it's enough to make you disappointed you weren't born 20 years later.

Want to see Aurasma in action right now? Download the app for iOS or Android and check out our exclusive AR Christmas card. Yes, we know it isn't the season to be jolly anymore, but it'll make you wish it could be Christmas every day.

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