Asus prepping Eee PC 904 and 905?

We’re taking this one with a small pinch of salt. Asus is apparently getting ready to unleash two new versions of the Eee PC, the 904 and 905.Ac

According to inside sources, who have spoken with Digitimes, the new machines will tote the same 8.9in screens as the 900 and 901 models, but come in the same 10in bod’ as the newly unveiled 1000 series, with an Intel Atom processor thrown in.

That means a return to the frankly ugly bezzle of the 701 version. It does however, lead to the possibility of a bigger keyboard, so those with sausage fingers can get their type on that bit easier.

Other rumours suggest these machines will replace the 900 and 901. Frankly, this seems to defy the whole point of an Eee PC in the first place. Still, if they do go down that road, it’ll leave the likes of the Acer Aspire One in prime position.