Apple Watch can control Apple TV, plus Tim Cook hints at other uses

The smartwatch that’s attached to you may be the whole home remote attached to you as well
Apple Watch

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke extensively with Bloomberg Businessweek for its latest issue, and now the full interview is on the web - with a few choice bits on the Apple Watch included.

One interesting feature is the ability to control your Apple TV directly from the watch, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing the tiny remote or finding your nearest iOS device. And Cook teased much more functionality around the home, perhaps hinting at HomeKit integration.

“It has the ability to control things," he said. "I’m using Apple TV as an example, but you might use your imagination on where that can be."

“Because you’re not searching for yet another object in your home to get to, this is an object that’s attached to you. There’s loads of things that you can do with it,” Cook added. “The list that we’ve come up with is really long. But frankly speaking, as we open it up for developers, it’s going to get a lot longer, because they’re going to come up with things that we haven’t even begun to think about.”

The Apple Watch was revealed last month alongside the just-launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and is slated to debut in early 2015 at a price of US$349 (about £213). Be sure to dig into our Apple Watch hands-on for more on what we’ve already seen and played around with.

[Source: Bloomberg Businessweek via TUAW]

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