Apple iPhone 5S constantly tracks your movement

Apple's new iPhone knows whether you're walking, driving or running, with the help of its new M7 coprocessor
Apple iPhone 5S

Apple's newly-launched iPhone 5S has a new M7 coprocessor that works with GPS to constantly track your motion.

Perfect, then, for tracing your movements as you rush about your village showing everyone your new gold phone.

The M7 chip constantly tracks data from the compass, gyroscope and accelerometer, taking over much of the heavy lifting from the phone's 64-bit A7 processor. That means it won't drain your battery – which is good news, as the iPhone 5S is constantly monitoring your movement.

It's contextually-aware, too – so it knows when you're walking, running or driving. That's usefull for fitness apps – there's a new Nike+Move app that makes use of the M7 and the phone's GPS chip – but it also means the phone can, for example, not ask to join Wi-Fi networks when you're on the move. Which is a mercy, as anyone who's driven past one of The Cloud's hotspots on the bus will attest.

More the M7 and Nike+ app as soon as we get a play with the new phone – stay tuned for our hands-on reviews of the iPhone 5S and its budget brother, the iPhone 5C.