Aperture Sentry Turret replica is the ideal companion for your Portal gun

This deadly (yet cute) Portal turret could be gracing your office desk in the not-too-distant future

If your Portal Gun replica hasn't quite satisfied your appetite for Aperture Science's finest creations then you'll be glad to hear that Valve has commissioned the production of 350 replica Aperture Sentry Turrets.

Cast in high quality poly-stone, each hand-painted 16in turret will feature a motion sensor which controls the Turret's glowing red eye, as well as a sound module with in-game voice samples.

If you haven't already splurged out on items from our five of the best videogame prop replicas and movie prop replica features then you might want to hit up Gaming Heads, where you can pre-order your very own Portal Turret for US$350.

[Gaming Heads via Joystiq]

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