Amazon Music Unlimited arrives to take on Spotify and Apple Music – and it's super cheap

UPDATED: Amazon Music Unlimited has just launched in the UK

Watch out, Spotify. Careful there, Apple Music. Keep your head down, Deezer. Amazon’s finally making a concerted effort at stealing your subscribers.

The retail giant today announced Amazon Music Unlimited, a brand new ad-free on-demand streaming service offering a library with “tens of millions” of tracks. The service includes playlists, radio-style stations, offline listening and lyrics display – all the sort of stuff you’d expect from a full-blooded music service, basically. It seems likely to supplant the current Amazon Prime Music service, which has about two million songs.

You’ll be able to listen through a wide variety of methods: your web browser; iOS, Android, PC and Mac apps; supported Sonos and Bose speakers; and Amazon’s own hardware like the Fire devices and Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Tap speakers.

In fact, those owning an Echo, Echo Dot or Amazon Tap can get Amazon Music Unlimited at an incredibly cheap £3.99 a month (which restricts you to listening only via those devices), as well as control music through Alexa voice commands like “play me some happy R&B”, “play my ‘sad times’ playlist” or “play that song where the lyrics go ‘work work work work work work work’”.

To listen on any compatible device, you need to pay a little bit more: £7.99 a month for Prime members or £9.99 a month for non-Prime members. At some point in the near future there’ll also be a family plan that, for £14.99 a month or £149 a year, will give you up to six unique accounts to be shared around your family.

Best of all for those of us in Blighty is that the service has finally arrived on our shores having previously been US-only. And there's a free 30-day trial! Click below to sign up.

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