AirVinyl app turns your iPad into a record player

No need to dust off your turntable every time you invite hard-core music fans over to yours anymore

Now, we know we might anger a few of you here – but vinyl ain't got nothing on MP3 these days. We're talking instant streaming, sharing and remixing of pretty much any track ever recorded – making music consumption as convenient as beautiful fast food for the soul. But the one thing we never thought MP3 would compete with records on was sound.

Step in Air Studios, the place where tons of famous movie scores were born. It's come up with an app for the iPad – AirVinyl – that reportedly recreates the warmth and depth of vinyl with any track from your music library. Bold claims indeed.

Available to download from the App Store right now for 69p, audio engineers at Air Studos built the AirVinyl for iPad app to enhance the audio output of your catalogue. It's AirPlay compatible so you can connect to your Hi-Fi or AirPlay speakers to test out the sound right up to eleven.

Plus when the free AirStreem Mac app launches in January, you'll be able to wirelessly play everything stored on your main computer too. An iPhone app won't be far behind – and at less than a pound, we say this one's worth a gamble.

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