Advent Vega Tegra Note 7 is the 'world's fastest' 7in tablet

Google's 7-incher has another Android tablet to fend off this Christmas

Advent has revealed the Vega Tegra Note 7 - a tablet with one of the most convoluted product names we've heard for a long time.

Its 7in 1280x800 display might not be as sharp as the Google Nexus 7's, but it's no slouch in the power department thanks to its beastly Tegra 4 processor which should chew through the latest games, especially at that lower resolution.

Thanks to the inclusion of Nvidia's mighty Tegra 4 processor, the Advent Tegra Note 7 is being touted as the world's fastest 7in tablet, though we'll have to see if it lives up to that claim with only 1GB of RAM on offer.

There's also a 5MP camera on the rear and a 2MP one on the front for video calls, along with a microHDMI port for big screen movies and gaming action.

stylus included

It'll also arrive with Nvidia's DirectStylus, which promises to be very responsive with broader stroke control, which should appeal to doodlers.

The DirectStylus technology utilises one of the Tegra 4's cores and allows up to 300 scans per second – which is five times the normal rate, resulting in finer, more accurate tracking. Your stick men will never look better.

The Vega Tegra Note 7 can apparently handle up to 10 hours of HD video playback and will be on sale exclusively at Currys and PC World for £180 (£20 cheaper than the Nexus 7) from 15 November, though you can pre-order it from 7 November.