67 per cent say 60GB Xbox 360 pointless

It’s barely been out five days, but, Stuffers, you have spoken. And the vast majority of you reckon the brand new 60GB Xbox 360 is a waste of ti

When asked in last week’s tech tickler whether the new hub was worth it, 67 per cent said no, in spite of its low £199 price tag and offer of more space to store downloaded movies and games.

14 per cent said they thought was a worthwhile venture, while a further 19 per cent said they didn’t even know about the Big M’s new folly.

Having launched last Friday, the 60GB Xbox replaced the original 20GB premium hub as part of Microsoft’s plans to take on the multimedia might of the PS3.

Don’t forget that if you are partial to a bit of Xbox, you can vote for the new version in the gadget of the yeart category in the Stuff Gadget Awards. Head over to the official site now.


Xbxo 360 60GB

Price: £199

On sale: Now

Contact: Microsoft