5 of the best war gadgets

Christmas is a time for giving… and arguing. Forget the slanging match, settle the score with one of these bad boys

Hasbro F/X Lightsaber

From £30,

From the moment Obi Wan Kenobi turned on that lightsaber in the original Star Wars film, we've all fantasised about owning this fictional breed of weaponry. And no matter how hard you tried, playing with normal swords was just never enough from that point on. You may not able to slice through steel doors with Hasbro's efforts, but with awesome motion-sensor controlled sound effects – think vwoooooom – and battle-clash lights there's no better way to settle that festive dispute?


Max Force Shadow Hawk 100


You don't have to chew up bits of paper and spit them through a straw at unsuspecting targets when one of these is around. This pump action sniper spitball gun will ensure your unfortunate target is smacked in the kisser with a slobbery and satisfactory splat. And with an impressive 100ft range, stealth combat will be sure to go undetected when firing those paper pellets.


Arctic Force Snowball Blaster


If the white stuff happens to fall during the festive season, what better way to unleash the festive fury than with a suped-up snowball blaster capable of lobbing your icy projectiles up to 80ft?

With the ability to make three snowballs at once, this high-powered slingshot will ensure you hit your target with just the right amount of force, while maintaining a safe distance for retaliation. It comes with a dedicated vinyl target, but it'd be much more satisfying launching an onslaught of snowy bullets on your loved ones.

Suck UK Water Wars Pistol Game


This time of year doesn't exactly lend itself to an water pistol fight, but when things take a ruthless turn during your annual Monopoly marathon, anything goes – and you can take care of business with a couple of water pistols and target vests that turn bloody when wet.

Obviously, we don't mean real blood – these clever vests are layered with hydrochromatic inks, which triggers the bloody torso effect. When the target is completely covered in mock-blood, it's game over for the loser and a gratifying victory for their opponent.

Tamiya RC 1/16 Tank

From £500,

OK, so you can't cause any real damage with these awesome R/C tanks – except to your wallet – but with a maximum shooting range of 30m, an infrared light and realistic sound effects, it knows when you've taken a hit and will even shake from the virtual impact.

In fact, after a certain number of blasts, the tank's engine shuts down and all control will be lost – so no cheating. With a Gun Fire Simulator and an Infrared LED unit for the respective detection and emission of infrared beams, you can get your battle on without destroying the house – just your opponents pride. One word. Awesome.

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