5 of the best wakeboarding gadgets

Stay high and (more or less) dry with this wake-conquering, air-carving kit

O'Brien Paradigm wakeboard £350

Having the right board for the task is essential. Most wakeboards are strong at either carving through a boat's wake or taking on obstacles, but historically, few could handle both. The Paradigm has changed all that. Its hybrid flex construction gives it a solid build that's perfect for rail riding, and the combination of flexible tip and tail with the impact base make it ideal for riding the wake at the back of the boat too.

Random Switch Impact Vest £70

A good impact jacket offers flotation for safety after a crash, but also takes the edge off a bad fall. The strong but super-flexible Random Switch is cut slightly long to offer body-fit comfort to boarders. There are no zips or buckles in sight either, emphasizing its cool body-armour look.

Bern Watts helmet £48

Used in biking and snowsports as well as watersports, these Bern helmets are extremely comfortable, giving you time to focus on just being extreme. The vented visor lid is compatible with Bern winter liners, goggle clips and covers, helping you to keep your skull comfortably filled with brains, all year round.

Sea Doo Wake Pro 215 £12,500

It may be a little on the pricey side, but this watercraft will let you wakeboard anywhere your heart, and tow gear, want to go. Designed specifically for water sports, the Sea Doo features a water-brake, enough room for three passengers, intelligent throttle, cruise control, 215bhp and a retractable ski pylon.

O'Brien Tracer bindings £240

Putting a boot on doesn't get any easier than with these Tracers. Lube-free entry, double lacing for a precise fit, an orthotic base for comfort, and combination J-bars for ultimate heel control all impress, whether you're a beginner trying to stand up for the first time or a pro seeking super-sensitive responsiveness.


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