5 of the best running shoes for the London Marathon

Got the running bug? Check out our pick of shoes to get you started down the road to next year's London Marathon

So everyone's talking about the upcoming London Marathon and you're feeling like you should make the most of the good weather and get your jog on. Here's a selection of some of the best running shoes to do it in.

Nike LunarRacer+ 2


Nike's featherweight racing shoes are arguably the most stylish of the bunch, and outgarished only by the Newtons. Their innovative Flywire mesh upper make them supremely breathable and means they weigh in at a floaty 162g.



Unlike the others here, the Evos have no support or cushioning. This may sound like madness, but there's a growing following for barefoot running-style shoes. They'll take a bit of getting used to, but in theory they encourage you to run in a way that reduces impact and strengthens the muscles in the foot itself.


While the Evo encourages you to run on your toes with a lack of cushioning, these do it with added cushioning. A line of 'actuator lugs' in the middle of the sole help transfer weight onto the forefoot and direct your motion forwards to get you running like Radcliffe in no time.


The Kayano is Asics' flagship (flagshoe?) and has more tech and acronyms than you can waggle a toe at. This year's model has a new asymmetric lacing system, as well as a number of gender-specific features to make sure the fit and the performance are tailored to your foot so you feel like you're running on clouds.



The Adrenaline is Brooks' best-selling line. So if you're looking for something not as flash as the LunarRacer and not as pricey as the Gravity but still want a shoe that will take care of you over the miles, the GTS 10 is a solid choice.

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