5 of the best retro headphones

Get some old-school cool in your over-ear cans

Get some old-school cool in your over-ear cans. Here are some of our favourite retro-styled headphones...

Koss Pro 4AA £80

Love your music and want to be a 'copter pilot? Blast some Ride of the Valkyries through these, chopper boy.

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Nixon Master Blaster £160

Real leather pads and headband, plus a handy volume control built into one of the aluminium cups. Sweet.

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Panasonic RP-HTX7 £57

If you fancy some of that '50s-style gloss clamped on your lugholes, these cans have got that Chevy chic.

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Grado SR60i £100

If you err on the industrial, Ford Model T side of retro, these black beauties should suit. And, importantly, they sound amazing.

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i-Mego Retro Classic £50

Evoking some of that Rat Pack charm, these over-ears have been inspired by the classic Shure 55 microphone.

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