5 of the best – retro gadgets

Step back in time with these offerings from ye olde gadgette shoppe

Old gadgets look cool, but don’t always work. That’s why you want new gadgets that look old. Like these…

Leica X1


It’s not cheap, but if you’re the sort of lensman who demands to feel like he’s in a John Le Carré spy novel, the X1’s frank design is your best bet. Luckily, there’s no need to load 35mm film in a dark corner – Leica’s latest has a 12.2MP digital sensor, 24mm lens and pop-up flash. [Read our review here]




The stylophone comes from a rich history of children’s musical toys that became bona fide instruments. The harmonica was widely used by early American bluesmen in the Deep South, while Augustus Pablo championed the use of melodica in his trippy Jamaican dub. Stylophone had Rolf Harris, but if anyone asks cite Kraftwerk instead, okay?


Skullcandy Double Agent Brown SD headphones


More spy gadgetry? Yep, though we recommend pumping your favourite tunes through these stylish cans, rather than listening to Morse code for hours on end. There’s an SD card for wirelesss music playback on the go, or you can plug in your ‘Pod.


Specktone iPod dock


In the evil lair, the baddie always had something that looked like this on the desk. He used it to call his henchmen to investigate the disturbance on the other side of the island. We recommend you park your iPod in the top and sit back to enjoy the 28W stereo emanating from that retro grille.


Pure Evoke-1S Marshall


In the ‘60s, everyone had long hair, a floral shirt and a Marshall guitar amp. Well, not everyone – Marshall amps were expensive bits of kit. Now you can pick up this Marshall cab for a psychedelic song. And it’s got a Pure DAB radio inside. Turn on, tune in, drop out.

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