5 of the best Halloween apps

As the witching night approaches, we’ve hunted down the most haunting smartphone software. The app is out there

Trick out your phone with this selection from the 'macabre' section of the app superstore...

Angry Birds Halloween (59p, iPhone)

Everyone’s favourite avian slingshot app returns in Halloween garb. Pumpkins, lanterns, spooky sounds and an eerie background accompany the thieving pigs and irritated birds in 45 new levels. If you’ve finished the original’s 195 levels, this should keep your catapulting finger fit until the next instalment. Angry Birds Christmas, anyone? [buy it]

Dexter the Game (£3.49, iPhone)

Catch the bad guy, get the confession and kill him. Based on the TV exploits of the eponymous blood spatter analyst, Dexter the Game derives similar relish from human butchery and gore. [buy it]

Plants vs Zombies (£1.79, iPhone)

Undead attempting to trample your lawn? Cultivate zombie-eating plants to fend off the horde. Enlist the help of neighbouring loon Crazy Dave to navigate through four game modes and 18 mini games. Already done it? Try Zombieville USA (£1.19, iPhone). [buy it]

ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier (from 59p, Android, iPhone)

Transform even the prettiest of pictures from your phone’s cam into a Frankenstein’s monster with Zombie Booth. Not only will your rotting corpse grunt and growl, but get too close and it’ll gnaw at your fingers. Lovely. [buy it]

ZombieSmash! (£1.19, iPhone)

With liquid nitrogen, asteroids and rolling boulders galore, defend your castle from a herd of zombies over an intense month in this light-hearted survival horror game. Flick and smash at the undead until destroyed, with oodles of cartoon blood thrown in for added amusement. [buy it]

[by Ellie Cundy]

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