5 of the best geek umbrellas

It's raining, it's pouring, and your old umbrella's boring

It's rainy and miserable outside, so we've picked some super-awesome umbrellas to warm your insides...

Marvel Comic Hero Black & White Umbrella £12

Hulk, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man… All fighting to keep the rain off your puny, unsuper head.

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Samurai Umbrella £30

One for the Kurosawa fans. You can also get a compact version for £20.

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Ambient Umbrella US$130

The handle receives weather data from and glows to indicate when rain, snow, drizzle or thunderstorms are forecast.

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Lightblade Umbrella £20

Dual-purpose lightsabre, anyone?

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Senz Umbrella £44

If a downed Stealth Fighter were reincarnated as a water-dispersal implement...

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