5 of the best geek short films

From robot police to an invasion of 8-bit gaming characters, these films will blow your brain circuits


(directed by Jason Wingard)

The winner of 2011’s Virgin Media Shorts awards, Jason Wingard's 2:20 tells the story of a pair of glasses with some unusual extra features. They're one gadget you wouldn't want to get your hands on.

Adicolor Yellow

(directed by Neill Blomkamp)

You’ll know director Neill Blomkamp from his feature film District 9 (based on his short Alive in Joburg, fact fans), or from his Halo 3 Arms Race video. Adicolor Yellow is one of his more insightful works, looking at a future where we’ve out engineered our own race and created a superior robot that may mean the end of humanity once and for all. Not bad for an Adidas promo piece.

The Gift

(directed by Carl Erik Rinsch)

If Jumanji were made for adults and featured a decidedly I, Robot looking droid, this would be what it looked like. Thanks to Philips' Parallel Lines Film Shorts campaign (created to promote the Philips Cinema 21:9 TV) we got to enjoy treats like this tech-heavy actioner set in a futuristic Russia.


(directed by Patrick Jean)

This could be interpreted as a harsh realistion that an ever-expanding virtual world is leading to the neglect and ultimate degradation of the physical world around us. We prefer to think of it as a compendium of classic games in a colourful 8-bit of special effects fun.

The German

(directed by Nick Ryan)

The special effects budget of this WW2 dogfight film was zero. The Irish Film Board did grant director Nick Ryan €70,000 but he spent it all on live action shots and just knocked up the effects himself, in six months. Impressive.

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