5 best funky chairs

Treat your bored bum to a stylish seat from our pick of funky furnishings

Sitting is one of life’s simplest pleasures, but you can’t park your derrière on any old chair – treat yourself to a seat from our top 5:


HOI Magazine Chair £1,500

Not only is it an eye-catcher but the HOI Magazine Chair, created by Dutch designers Jules & Jeremy, also acts as a handy place to store all your back issues of Stuff. The price might be enough to bring a tear to all but the richest of print connoisseurs, but sitting on a throne of cutting-edge technology know-how is enough tempt anyone, surely?

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Stack Chair £30

If the HOI is out of your budget, but you still want to put those back issues to good use, perhaps the Stack Chair is a better idea. Truth is, it’s not a chair at all – instead, you get a vinyl sticker of a chair back and use your pile of papers as the seat. Okay, so comfort isn’t exactly premium, but it’ll make for some interesting seating arrangements at your next house party.

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Nobody’s Antenne Chair £1,350

It’s not nobody’s. It’s yours. Well, you choose what colours you want thrown into the mix, making this chair the most interesting thing in your living room (yes, even more interesting than your 42in flatscreen). It also means that if your friends don’t like it, you’re the only one to blame.

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Glow Tub Chair £250

It might look like Slimer from Ghostbusters, but the colour-morphing Glow Tub Chair is far more useful than a hyperactive, gluttonous ball of ectoplasma. Tune the built-in LED light source to suit your mood. Green signals availablity, while red warns of a temper worse than Zuul’s.

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Multimedia Chair (concept)

Martin Emila’s Multimedia Chair is a silicon chip away from being a robot. Featuring surround sound speakers built into the head, a projector attached to the side and a flush dock for your iPod, it truly is a thing of ergonomic beauty. It beats balancing your speakers on your old chair’s headrest with your iPod on your lap.

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[by Michael Copus]