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1.5 tonne laser tanks are the solution to your bird problems

Scarecrows are old hat thanks to the new era of avian-scaring laser tanks.

Scarecrows are so last century. They’ve probably startled more dog walkers than pesky birds, which make them pretty ineffective for farmers, and downright dangerous at airports where a few birds sucked into a jet engine can cause disaster.

South Korea is taking this seriously, by working with a subsidiary of LG to release a man-less laser tank designed to help keep any winged pests at bay.

Measuring in at 8ft long and crushing the scales at 1.2 tonnes, each tank is kitted out with bird-tracking day/night cameras, acoustic sensors and green lasers.

Trouble making birds are scared off by 100db popping noises and wild laser patterns, which if emanating from a gigantic metal war machine, would scare even our steely hearts.

As for us, we’ll be ordering one for use here at Stuff Towers. Office Cat‘s been rather lazy as of late, and those damn pigeons won’t stop harassing us.

[via Gizmodo]

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