10 of the best winter warmers

Beat the winter blues with some warming gadgetry

You've heard the forecast. Now time to don the essentials, the not-so-essentials and the downright non-essential...

Heated Gloves

£13, maplin.co.uk

These heated gloves toast your paws to 40 degrees in five minutes – almost too hot to handle, if you ask us.


Red Hot Chilli Jellies

£5, firebox.com

What better way to warm your yap than chomping on jalepeno-flavoured candy? Not suitable for children. Or your friend who thinks chicken satay is spicy.

Midland SubZero Headphones

£35, firebox.com

These lug warmers feed tunes into your ear canals while keeping the biting winds out. Coldplay? Canned Heat? No? Oh, we give up.

Pac-Man Heat-Changing Mug

£5, play.com

Liven up your winter bedtime routine with this heat-changing mug. The hotter the Horlicks, the clearer the Pac-Man figures appear. Who knew bedtime could be so gnarly?

Hot Pants

£6, prezzybox.com

Squeeze these gel-filled hand warming pants to fill your pockets with warmth. Oh, grow up.


£90, urbanjacks.co.uk

This all-in-one sleeping bag suit keeps you snug as you move your bear-like bulk from room to room. The ultimate work-from-home or lazy weekend slobwear.

Beard Head Viking

£20, beardhead.co.uk

This hat-tache combo provides much-needed swelter for the oft overlooked upper lip area. And it’s proper Magnum PI territory, not some sorry Poirot effort.

Double Slanket

£40, doubleslanket.co.uk

Sod the tandem. Get a slanket made for two and you’ll be looking sweet and generating double the heat. There’s a song in that somewhere.

Stripey Ski Socks

£18, patagonia.com

These stripy ski socks are so thick you can walk to the shops in them. Probably. Best to wear shoes anyway – especially if you're going to hang them over the fireplace for Santa afterwards.

Zippo Hand Warmer

£20, zippo.co.uk

There’s nothing like a roaring fire to keep your mitts warm in winter. This pocket fireplace should keep your tendrils toasty when you’re out and about.