10 of the best spy gadgets

Off to see Skyfall this weekend? Allow us to be your Q when you inevitably decide you need to tool up like a top spy

You may not be fighting off babes with a stick or get given Aston Martins for work but you can load yourself up with gadgets. Here are ten of our favourites for the DIY spy.

RX10 handheld mobile phone jammer

£139, Global Gadget

This gadget would prove handy for preventing the enemy from calling backup, helping you get out of a dangerous tight spot. Alternatively, the handheld phone jammer is a wonderful tool for keeping overly loud mobile users from boring you to death with their inane chatter, thanks to a 30m range.

Tiny Spy Pen

£39, SpyCameraCCTV

As a spy you'll need to gather evidence and there's no better tool for doing this than the spy pen camera. This inconspicuous device may look like a typical ink spiller, but it's actually got a 2.8mm wide-angle camera built in, as well as microSD card slot and microphone.

6120A 3G Covert Air Freshener Camera Unit

£620, 3G Video Cams

A spy pen may prove invaluable for mobile operations, but you may find your enemies come and visit you at your humble abode. Well fear not because this gadget can provide you with remote video monitoring over 2G and 3G networks so you can watch from your phone. It can even be used as a sensor, triggering a video call when an intruder passes the air freshener in disguise.

LM Technologies Ps2 Keysafe Pro

£25, Amazon UK

Time is ticking and you need to know the password to a computer vital to a mission - it's just another day in the office for 007. Fortunately, there's no need to interrogate a suspect when you can use a keylogger to record the keys pressed on a computer. Sneaky, but effective. Don't use it for anything illegal, Bond.

Byte Mini Global GPS tracker

£35, Amazon UK

Sometimes it's too risky following someone in your Aston Martin. Let's face it, that sort of car stands out like a particularly sore thumb. You'd have more luck making your pursuit in an ice cream van with the music going. Instead just use this GPS tracker while kicking back in your MI6 office.

Planon DocuPen RC800 Executive Kit Pen Scanner

£350, Overstock

When time is of the essence, something like a document scanner could prove a life-saver. This particular one happens to be the size of a pen and it doesn't need a computer to do its job. Who says you need a photographic memory?

Heart Rate Camera app

£1.79, App Store

Assuming for one second James Bond is an iPhone user, he may well put the Heart Rate Camera app to good use when in the field. Knowing he needs to be in peak condition at all times and a hospital would prove too dangerous, this app would allow him to take a picture of his chiselled face and find out what's going on with his heart rate.

Bresser NV 5x50 Digital Night Vision monocular

£145, Amazon UK

Scouting out an enemy position at night would be easy, except that eating carrots doesn't actually give you night vision. And it would be a bit weird for Q to expect 007 to carry around a sack of vegetables. Luckily a night vision monocular provides you with the ability to remove the veil of darkness before you.

Google Project Glass

N/A, Google

The technology for remote controlling a car is a little way off but wearable computers are starting to arrive such as the Motorola HC1. The finest example, and no doubt the choice of Bond, would be Google's Project Glass. It's a computer and camera built into a pair of glasses - Q would be most proud.

Motokata Bionic Ear Hearing Amplifier

$40 (£25), ThinkAwesome

The Motokata Bionic Ear Hearing Amplifier allows you to eavesdrop to a conversation from as far as twenty feet away. Sounds can be amplified by 50 decibels so even the quietest plotting between unsuspecting guards will be picked up with plenty of clarity.

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