10 of the best God game apps

Ah, sweet egotism. Fulfil your dreams of world domination with this collection of apps

“Everybody wants to rule the world,” sang Tears for Fears in 1985. Little did they know that 25 years later we’d be doing just that, from our own smartphones. Ready to sow the seeds of love? Try these…

Smurfs Village

free, iPhone

Unexpectedly addictive blue people game that’s managed to oust Angry Birds as the App Store’s highest-grossing app. “But it’s free,” we hear you cry. Yes, until you start shelling out between £3 and £35 for Smurfberries to help grow your village. And you will.

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Civilization IV: War of Two Cities

£2.99, Android

One of the most franchised God games ever made makes its way to Android. Empire-building battle is the thrust of this epic (for smartphone) quest. iPhoners can get their Sid Meier fix with Civilization Revolution (£4).

Pocket God

59p, iPhone

Play God to an island of Pygmies who you can bequeath with gifts (fishing rods, say) or punish (by, say, bolting the door of their loo). Episodic updates keep things fresh, though given the torture-heavy nature of gameplay, it’s hard to think who feels the need to move on to Pocket Devil (59p, iPhone).

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free, Android

Start with four elements – fire, earth, air and water – and combine them to create more things: steam or rocks, for instance. Perserverance pays off in the form of more complex items and concepts. Like wheels. God never made them, did He? A near identical game for iPhone is Doodle God (59p).

The Sims 3

£2.99, iPhone

They conquered our PCs. Now they’ve come for our smartphones. And they’ll succeed: all the fun of raising a family and building a life, with the benefit of being able to switch it all off and go down the pub. That’s what we call civilization.

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Spore Origins

£1.19, iPhone

Richard Dawkins might have something to say about us lumping this evolution-based game together with anything tainted by the name of God, but we think the creatures that crawl from our primordial ooze will knock the selfish socks off his genetic creations.

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free, iPhone

Yes, it’s a Facebook game. Yes, it’s the scourge of anyone who hasn’t played it. And, yes, you farm. Farm like it’s going out of fashion. It’s not – Farmville remains ridiculously addictive and the ability to check your crops on the move has seen it reclassified as a Class A gaming narcotic.

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£1.19, iPhone

Pocket God too cruel? Instead, unleash your inner sadist on a defenceless zombie. Feed him, punish him and pet him until he submits to your omnipotence. Or loses his temper. Warning: features the most huggable zombie ever.

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SimCity Deluxe

59p, iPhone

Touchable terrain control, earthquakes, heat waves and alien invasions. Running your virtual city will require the sort of task management that would make BoJo crash his Boris bike into a bendy bus. Your trains, of course, will continue to run smoothly throughout. Won’t they?

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GodFinger Allstars

free, iPhone

You have a planet. It starts as a rock, but after a little “terraforming”, weather manipulation and people management, it all becomes much more civilized. Like Smurfs Village and Farmville, it’s slow-going until you power up with some “awe”, which – surprise, surprise – costs real money. Because only real gods get to make the world in a week.

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