10 of the best geek T-shirts

Hardly short-sleeves weather, is it? But this lot make great geek gifts for Christmas

Wearing your passion on your sleeve has never been so easy, but it's more fun to wear it on your chest. These T-shirts ought to help...

Banksy Monkey Detonator


What better way to prove you’re tuned-in to the twin advancements of Bristolian youth culture and monkeys taking over the planet than a Banksy tee? Comes with distopian world view in the box.




Why is that Blu-ray all black then? Oh, right – it’s one of those oldfangled LP things. And it has a tree growing out of it. A message about music’s ability to transcend superficial commercialism? Or just a record with a tree growing out of it?

Wi-Fi Detector


Fancy coming out of the geek closet in style? Strolling down the street in this Wi-Fi signal-aware tee ought to do it.

Star Wars Haynes Manual TIE fighter?


?If there’s one thing the ladies dig, it’s an in-depth explanation of how the ball-cockpit and hexagonal wing design of the Star Wars TIE fighter work together to form a unique whole. In T-shirt form.

A Simple Plan


If your friends/parents/wives ever ask you why you spend so much time playing games, don this T-shirt and vouch never to take it off again.

Beards are Cool


As if you needed a T-shirt to tell you. The last word in festive chic.



After a hard day of gobbling in those haunted corridors, Pac-Man likes nothing more than kicking back with some tunes.

Robot Apocalypse


Obviously, this would never happen. Technology is our friend, the reasoned study of phenomena designed to improve the human condition at no cost of freedom or psychological health. Right?

Donkey Kong


Well, if it isn’t the world’s most famous game character in one of the most famous games of all time. If you can’t pull in this, you probably don’t care. She’d only come between you and your Xbox.

Marching Band


Look, people who play Rock Band will buy you a pint. And people who don’t? Who cares about them?

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