10 of the best first tweets

Twitter is five today. To celebrate that, and nearly 30 billion tweets, we’ve compiled the first tweets from the great and good of social media

Twitter was cast off as a fad by many when it first appeared five years ago today. Who's laughing now? With over 200 million users, 140 million tweets a day, and 30 billion tweets in total, Twitter's struggle for acceptance has earned a Hollywood ending.

Jack Dorsey

To celebrate the social network's auspicious five-year milestone we've compiled 10 first tweets from well-known twitterati...

The first tweet ever was from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

After a, erm, rousing start like that, how could the masses resist?

What was your first tweet? Or, if you prefer, what would you like it to have been? Let us know. On Twitter, of course. Hit the link below.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama: president and social media guru.

Stephen Fry

No Twitter account would be complete without the British mutterings of Stephen Fry.

Eddie Izzard

How do we know Eddie is telling the truth?

Charlie Sheen


Liam Gallagher

Busy day for Liam.

Lady Gaga

Quite the following these days for Lady Gaga.

Lily Allen

Like a lady.

Ashton Kutcher

Drop it like it's hot.