10 of the best camera accessories

Treat yourself on World Photography Day. Here’s a list of the best camera accessories the world has to offer

Polaroid All Terrain Tripod, £90

It looks a bit like one of those flying squid-robots from The Matrix, but it’s here to help you, not kill you. The legs use locking ball-head joints and changeable thread-mounted feet meaning super stability whatever the terrain. Despite it being only 12in in size it can support DSLRs and even zoom lenses up to 250mm.

Micromuff, £13

Yes it’s called muff, and we can hear you giggling from here. If you're partial to the occasional spot of video, the Micromuff is a godsend, thanks to its ability to muffle the cameraman’s worst enemy, wind. Affordable and easy to use – all cameras should have them as standard.

Camera Lens Cup, £13

Disguise your cup among your lenses, show off your love of cameras, prank your mate into thinking you’ve destroyed his lens. Whatever the use this is worth owning – amazing detailing along with a lid that doubles as a coaster. And for that price it could spell the death of conventional beverage holders the world over.

OWLE Bubo HD Kit for iPhone 4, £275

The complete setup to make the iPhone 4 go pro. A well-weighted unibody camera mount, built to be held comfortably or attached to a tripod, gives perfect balance. The 37mm standard lens or 0.45x wide angle/ macro lens pushes the iPhone to its limits. On top of that, the mighty Rotolight RL-48A blasts the power of 48 LEDs onto the subject for professional clarity while the Vericorder mic gets every sound captured. Cheaper than the pro kit but nearly as good.

Polaroid GL10 Instant Printer, £120

Like magic you can trap a person’s likeness in a phone these days, but even more eerily you can now have it on paper too – instantly. Snap, connect via Bluetooth and print 3 x 4in thermal inked images in less than 45 seconds. Ok so it’s not instant but that’s damn quick.

SLR Sloop Bag, US$150

Steeply priced though it is, this eye-wateringly colourful sloop bag was created to provide safe transport for your SLR. Five adjustable padded compartments combined with super durable material (the same used on boat sails) means a water repellent, non-fading wonderbag. And with zips inside and out every need is covered.

Seat Belt Camera Strap, US$20

2in wide seat belts used as camera straps. Available in six colours, all steeped in cool. Need we say more? Oh yes – buckle up.

Level Camera Cube, US$15

Balance, as many martial artists and yoga masters will tell you, is key to everything. It doesn’t stop with cameras, where shot alignment can make the difference between greatness and failure. The Level Camera Cube, much like a spirit level grants you Zen-like balance, and for just US$15 enlightenment really isn't that hard to find.

Gigapan Epic Pro, £870

Megapixels are so last year, now it’s all about gigapixels. Using the Gigapan Epic Pro a normal DSLR can capture thousands of intricate photos for one almighty stiched-together gigpan shot. And if you thought it was expensive for just that, know this: its movements can also be used to scare cats.

Lomo Lomography Fotoclips, £11

What’s better than one Lomography photo? Lots of them all held together by clear clips that give a floating effect. Just hang them up, or construct mad, self-supporting photo towers. And at only £11, it'd be rude not to.


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