Quick! Turn off this iOS 9 setting or risk data hell

Worth a read if you hate paying excess data charges

With iOS 9 came a load of new settings to wrap your head around. Some are great, others aren't so hot - especially for those who have to keep a close eye on their data consumption.

If you go to Settings, then Mobile Data, and scroll right to the bottom, you’ll find something called "Wi-Fi Assist". It’ll have been turned on by default when you updated to iOS 9. What this new setting option does is automatically switch you over to a mobile data connection once it detects a poor Wi-Fi connection.

To be fair, Apple probably introduced this setting with seamless connectivity in mind. But for those of us with a 2GB ration of data each month, we’d rather stick with seeking out a Wi-Fi connection than have our Silicon Valley stream uninterrupted. Instant gratification just won't justify a sky-high phone bill.

[Source: Quartz]


Our team worked hard on this shoot and we are very proud of how it turned out (it’s easily the best we’ve done for the GITEX Awards to date) so naturally we would love to keep it as part of the supplement. I also feel that the brands represented will be pleased with the result – from experience, they tend to like it when their beige anonyboxes get a little glammed up.