Finally, there’s an app that lets you weigh plums on your iPhone

It’s about bloomin’ time

With third-party keyboard support and plenty of other juicy extras packed into the latest and greatest version of iOS, there’s little reason for tinkerers to jailbreak their iPhones. Unless, of course, they want to weigh various pieces of fruit.

The Plum-O-Meter app is a solution to a problem that has haunted us for years - namely, how can one conveniently measure the weight of various pieces of fruit while out and about?

Making use of the iPhone 6 and 6s Plus' pressure-sensitive 3D Touch displays, the app… well, it’s pretty self explanatory really. Put some fruit on it, find out which one weights more, and give the smaller one away. Simple really.

Because it requires a jailbreak to work (proceed at your own risk), the app isn’t available on the App Store. But if you fancy smearing plum juice over your screen, then feel free to download it here and give it a whirl.

[via Redmond Pie]