Final Fantasy IX is coming to phones and PC in 2016

The last of the PSone classics will finally see a broader release

Final Fantasy VII was the big role-playing juggernaut of the 32-bit era, and Final Fantasy VIII likewise had a lot of hype when it launched. Final Fantasy IX's bow, by comparison, seemed quieter - but the PSone classic remains beloved by series fans.

And finally, finally, it will be available through more than just PlayStation platforms next year. Today, Square Enix announced that like Final Fantasy VII before it, Final Fantasy XI will be ported over to PC, iOS, and Android, with a 2016 release planned for all platforms.

As the trailer below shows, the character models look a little bit crisper in the in-game footage, and beyond a slight graphical update, the game promises achievements, an auto-save feature, the high-speed mode from the Final Fantasy VII re-release, and "several game boosting features," according to Kotaku. Also, the game's battle interface looks to be modified.

Unlike its two predecessors, Final Fantasy IX hearkens back to the early days of the franchise, embracing a more traditional and cartoonish fantasy universe. It's whimsical and charming, and was widely praised by reviewers and fans alike. However, it never had quite the mainstream impact of its PSone siblings, perhaps in part because it released after the PlayStation 2 hardware in the U.S. and Europe.

While a Western release wasn't specifically called out for these new ports, it seems highly likely considering the continued international success of the series and popularity of the smartphone versions of previous entries. Will we eventually see Final Fantasy VIII on iOS and Android, as well? Don't be surprised.

[Source: Kotaku]