A sexy TV? It’s true! The Loewe Individual is exactly that: sexy.

TVs used to be ugly boxes that served a purpose, but now any screen has to fit in with your lifestyle. To help this, the Loewe is available in five colours, and to make it more visually flexible, nine different colour trim inserts are available.


Inside the dreamy exterior is a HD-ready, Freeview-enabled, 80GB hard disk. Picture performance is pretty good, too. Black definition is superb and images are sharp, but a hint of noise is visible from both off-air and external sources, although this isn’t apparent from HD-material.

Sound, too is impressive – rarely have we seen a set that can deliver as much bass weight and drive, at any price. The on-board hard disk is a doddle to use as well, but we would have liked more than the 20-hour capacity.

Super styling

The only snags we could find were the price and the on-screen menus, which are, um, unique and interesting – at first, you’ll be vexed, then once you’re used to them, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.

As for the price, you can get a much bigger screen for the same expense, or a similar quality 32incher for about half the cash. The problem is, none of those other sets will have a HAL-type brain, and more importantly none of them will say as much about ‘you’.

Stuff says... 

Loewe Individual 32 review

Apart form your credit card's cries of anxiety, you'll love the flexibility and performance of this TV