Here we have a Blu-ray home cinema system with a bit of character. The LG HB965TZ features slimline, tall-boy speakers that can be wall-mounted or screwed into the supplied stands, as shown in the picture.

Assembly takes a matter of minutes, even if you're as flatpack-phobic as us, and the use of bell-wire means there’s also the option to upgrade the speaker cable at a later date.

This system is an exciting listen and reasonably musical for a product of this type. The speakers produce an open, clear sound and do a fine job of creating an immersive surround field.

Fine sound quality

Spin a suitably action-packed Blu-ray and you get a great sense of drama as effects dart between channels. The fact that the subwoofer integrates so seamlessly with the rest of the speakers is a real bonus. Switch to a music disc and everything bounds along at a good pace, too.


There’s a hint of edge to high frequencies, but they don’t sound harsh or distracting.

And the high standard of picture performance ensures this fine sound quality doesn’t go to waste.

The LG does a great job of picking out fine detail, while the movement remains solid, with only the slightest motion blip. On-screen noise is kept to a minimum. The same positive traits extend to DVD playback.

Well connected

The 965TZ comes with two HDMI inputs, an integrated iPod dock, two optical digital inputs and built-in wireless functionality. The USB input is compatible with files such as DivX HD and MKV, which can be streamed via an external hard drive.

There’s no auto setup, but the comprehensive menus make for a painless process. This system’s intuitive nature even makes controlling your iPod or iPhone an enjoyable task.

As a complete solution, the 965TZ does a great job of combining form and function.


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LG HB965TZ review

A wonderfully rounded, highly capable all-in-one system