It’s a little known made-up fact that 67% of buildings in the UK’s town centres are now coffee shops. Such choice should be liberating when you need your caffeine fix, but the experience of being crammed into a corner with a buggy’s handle jammed into your ribs isn’t a big draw.

Which is where the Krups Nescafe Dulce Gusto comes in. Resembling a cute bulbous bodied robot dog, this exquisite kitchen companion will happily spew any number of coffee flavours into your cup at home. From iced cappuccino to rich caffè lungo, all your caffeine cravings are catered for.

Coffee shop for your kitchen

The unit has a 14 bar pressure pump to bring coffee shop looks and speeds, and is easy to use and clean. You can manually control the drink size, and coffee is added in special capsules – available in all major supermarkets – which serve up a fine brew.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a rush either – Krups’ thermoblock technology heats up the water real quick, and we had our cuppa ready in a few minutes. The only downside is that tea is off the menu, although it can manage a decent hot chocolate.

Our favourite feature of the Dulce Gusto, though, is the design. Resembling a hen staring into a cup of coffee, it’s available in black, red and ivory, and is a fine addition to any coffee freak’s kitchen.  

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Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto review

This beautifully engineered coffee machine is a caffeine nut’s dream stocking filler. Just be careful not to buy them too many capsules