The Wristcam will turn your Apple Watch into an HD camera

Watch this space
08 December 2020 / 13:33GMT

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you could take photos using a wrist-mounted camera? Alright, neither have we, but the Wristcam ($299) has given us a glimpse of that tantalisingly niche future, and we can see the appeal. As the name suggests, the Wristcam is designed to help you completely uncouple from your phone by letting your slap a pair of HD cameras on your wrist. It has been made exclusively for the Apple Watch, and features a world-facing camera, self-facing camera, two microphones, and an all-day battery that'll let wearers to take video calls and seamlessly capture photos and videos on the fly. The sell is that it'll essentially turn your Apple Watch into a more-than-capable camera, hopefully convincing budding photographers to detach from their smartphone without fear of missing any glorious photo opportunities. Bright LED lights next to both cameras will flash whenever the camera is used to ensure folks nearby are aware they're being captured, although that novel attempt at addressing privacy concerns doesn't change the fact you're essentially turning yourself into a human UAV. Talk about dystopian chic.