Sony’s Wena Wrist Active is the fitness tracker that thinks it’s a smartwatch

Identity crisis? What identity crisis?
13 February 2019 / 0:01GMT

At a glance, Sony’s Wena Wrist Active looks like pretty much any other fitness tracker. The bendy silicone strap has got step-counting skills, GPS tracking and a heart-rate sensor to provide info on calories burned and distance travelled when you’re wearing it, with a basic seven-colour organic EL display that shows notifications from your phone. There's also NFC onboard for contactless payments. But with 18mm, 20mm and 22mm lugs you can attach almost any standard watch case, whether it’s one of the five offered by Sony, or one made by a different manufacturer entirely, and turn it into a smartwatch. The Wena Wrist Active starts at £349 and you can pre-order one from Sony right now.