Sensor-packed Pivot is your wearable yoga teacher

Altogether now: namaste
04 December 2018 / 17:05GMT

Who needs a yoga teacher when you could just pull on a specially made shirt and leggings that’ll handle all the instruction for you? A total of 16 almost imperceptible sensors tell Pivot’s accompanying iPhone app exactly what angle every major bone in your body is at, how it’s rotated and how far away it is from the rest of the body, providing real-time feedback so you can make sure you get your poses right. And with positionings recorded 50 times every second, it’s always got your back. Because there’s nothing worse than doing Ardha Chandrasana when you should be in Natarajasana. The clothes cost US$99, while a subscription to the training videos costs US$19 per month, and unfortunately they’re only available in the US and Canada for now. Total corpse pose.