Padrone Ring is a wearable that turns your desk into a giant touchpad

One ring to move them all
18 January 2019 / 18:05GMT

In the future, we’ll bellow at tech, or nonchalantly wave in the air to make things happen, rather than dealing with cursors and windows. Until then, there’s Padrone Ring ($199), an 8g wireless wearable that at least removes your mouse and trackpad from the equation. Slip the thing on to an index finger (either hand works fine – and 12 sizes are available, to ensure the perfect fit), connect it to your computer via Bluetooth, and you can drag across any surface to move your cursor. Tap for a left click, middle-finger-tap for a right click, two-finger-drag to scroll, and avoid telling people what the ring actually does, so they think you’re some kind of magician.